Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Gold Star Memorial Marker



Blue Star Marker


Saturday, 15 May 2021

Hartwell, Georgia

Sponsored by

United Garden Club Council of Hartwell

Azalea District Garden Clubs

In Cooperation With

The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.

These pictures were taken prior to the Ceremonies starting and are placed here to show the situation for this event which was well attended.

The Welcome was conducted by Sandra Brown - President

United Garden Club Council of Hartwell


Peggy Tucker - State President

The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.

The following are pictures which show the participants.

The Patriot Guard Riders Placed the Flags for this Event!

The Invocation was done by
Rev. Carter Tucker, Lt. Colonel, Retired
U.S. A Chaplain

The Presentation of Colors
Hart County High School ROTC

While the Hart County High School
ROTC Presented the Colors the
Pledge of Allegiance was
conducted by Arminda Hicks, First Lieutenant,
retired Nurse Practitioner - Hospital Army
Reserve Unit

The National Anthem was 
Performed by
Rev. Dr. Allen Stewart

The History of the Blue and Gold Star Memorial Markers
was presented by 
Jan Thiese - Chairman
Blue Star and Gold Star Memorial Marker Program
The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.

This picture shows the Sponsoring Organizations
being presented Certificates from the National Garden Club.

A Certificate was also presented to the United Garden Club Council
of Hartwell for their efforts in the Restoration of the
Blue Star Marker

The Speaker for this Event was
Sherry Westbury
Sister of an M.I.A. Soldier of the 
Vietnam Conflict

The Markers were unveiled with the
Blue Star Marker 
followed by
The Gold Star Memorial Marker

The Tribute of flowers was then placed
at each Marker

The Benediction was then
said by Thomas Jordan
Sons of the American Legion

was played by
Alex Walters
Student - University of West Georgia College

During the Closing Remarks Sandra Brown 
Thanked all who came to share this special time with the
Local Garden Clubs to honor our Veterans and all who 
serve in the United States Armed Forces.

A Gold Star Family
posed with this Memorial Marker

The Speaker for this Marker Rededication,
Sherry Westbury appreciated the opportunity to have 
her picture 
taken with the
Patriot Guard Riders

The President 
of The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.
Peggy Tucker, who is a Member of one of the
Local Garden Clubs with her husband, William