Thursday, November 18, 2021

 Gold Star By-Way


Blue Star By-Way

Marker Dedications

Conducted Saturday

13 November 2021

in Franklin County

the city of

Carnsville, Georgia

as a part of

The Hometown Heroes


The following pictures were taken prior to the Celebration 

The Celebration at 9:00 A.M. with Derrick Turner, the County Manager announcing the Master of Ceremonies

One Picture of the Attendees

It was estimated that about 250 people attended this event

The National Anthem was performed

The program included several Speakers including a
Member of the Army who served in Afghanistan.  She related how she joined the Army after witnessing the events of 9-11 when she was in the 9th Grade.  She volunteered to serve with Her "Battle Buddies" and suffered wounds which resulted in the loss of a leg.

The President of The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. Peggy Tucker presented the History of the Markers

The Ceremony continued and the Chairman of the Gold Star and the Blue Star Markers for the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. Jan Thiese Dedicated the Markers

The following pictures show the conclusion of the Ceremony

These pictures show some of the after Ceremony activities.  This Event showed the respectful attitude, the gratitude and the reverence of the Attendees for all who were Honored during this Celebration of Home Town Heroes!

This attendee was stationed at Pearl Harbor on 
7 December 1941