Friday, March 1, 2019

Beauty Abounds 
Middle Georgia

The pictures displayed below were taken on February 28th.  Enjoy.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Winter Morning 
Garden Stroll
Middle Georgia
8 February 2019

These pictures were taken on an overcast morning at about 9:45 A.M.  The color of the flowers allows the viewer to enjoy the beauty.  No titles.  Please enjoy.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Christmas 2018
Macon Federation of Garden
The Neel House
730 College Street
Macon, Georgia

For many years I have designed and constructed the Arrangements for the Macon Federation of Garden Clubs for Christmas.  This year I developed an arrangement for the table, but not one where one could sit down and converse across the table.  I used three heavy vases to hold the natural plant material and placed everything in a larger scale.  The bows and glitter wreaths for each vase are the exception to the natural material concept which was acquired from the Garden of a Club Member.

My Bride is a member of two Garden Clubs and I did this arrangement on behalf of both clubs which are:

Pine Ridge Garden Club
Thornwood Garden Club

As I was leaving The Neel House I realized that I did not have an appropriate picture for the first one of this Post so I took the first picture below to invite you in.  Please enjoy this Arrangement and know that it is always possible to create beauty using Natural Materials that grow in our respective gardens.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Blue Star
Memorial Marker
11 November 2018
Conducted on the 100th Anniversary
of the conclusion of
World War I
in Taylor County
Butler, Georgia
at the
Court House

A World War II Veteran was in attendance.
He posed for this picture after the

The veiled Marker prior to the Dedication.
The Ceremony was conducted in a court
room in the Taylor County Court House
because of weather concerns.

It was standing room only!

The Color Guard at the ready.  
Taylor County High School Scholars

The attendees were welcomed by the
Butler Garden Club

Presentation of the Colors.

The Star Spangled Banner was performed by a Flutist and 
a Soloist

The Invocation!

The President of the Garden Club of Georgia
delivered Greetings to all in attendance.

All Veterans and Their Families were recognized.

The Marker was accepted by the Chairman of the
Taylor County Board of Commissioners.

National Garden Club Certificates were presented
to the Marker Sponsors

The Benediction!

The Unveiling.

Laying of the Wreath

The Chairman of the County Commissioners, His Grandson and the
World War II Hero

An Army - Navy Family also attended this Dedication.
Shown in civilian Clothes a retired Army Colonel on the left,
His Son, a recently commissioned Second Lieutenant in the U. S. 
Army and a retired U. S. Naval Aviator to the right of the Marker.