Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Texas Lilac"

When I first observed this plant several years ago I thought it was a well developed "Butterfly Bush." The color of the flower was very correct and I thought that the shrub was well cared for an properly pruned to maintain a compact/tight look.

During my attendance at a Flower Arranging Workshop during National Garden Week in 2008 I learned from the program presenter that it was a "Vitex" plant. I generally feature shrubs and plants that I have growing in my Gardens; however my mantra for this Blog also indicates that I will also write about plants that I enjoy.
This is a sun-loving, drought-tolerant plant that does well in the soil filled islands in parking lots here in Middle Georgia. In fact this plant and many more like it are well placed in the soil filled islands at a Macon, Georgia Elementary School. To bad school is not now in session so the students could enjoy this delightful looking plant. It is visible from the street that runs by this school and it sure attracts attention.
I post this information today because I know that many, many Georgia Garden Club members are also involved in landscaping activities in their respective communities. This is certainly a plant that would do well in similiar locations, like the soil islands in parking lots at community centers, and other areas of almost every Georgia Community where there is plenty of sun light.
I did a quick Internet search and ascertained that this shrub can grow rather large, however I do think that it would also perform well with severe pruning when needed to maintain a proper size in a large scale landscape setting such as the parking lot shown above.
As always, I look forward to your comments so that we may have a sharing Blog. Thank You!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hydrangeas and Angel Trumpets
In Bloom - Middle Georgia

Everlast Hydrangeas in Bloom. Soon it will be time to dead head the blooms. This plant will repeat blooms through November.
The first Angel Trumpet blooms here in Middle Georgia. These blooms are on the first plant I acquired many years ago. Since then I have shared rooted cuttings of this lovely, and special to me plant.

This plant is still in a large fourteen inch flower pot which I winter over in the garage. I have at least a dozen Angel Trumpet plants in the soil and they are slower, but I will enjoy them later this Summer.