Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Blue Star
Memorial Marker
18 November 2014
Sponsored by The Columbus Council
of Garden Clubs
Columbus, Georgia
The National Infantry Museum

The Magnolia District and the Columbus Council of Garden Clubs, Inc. in cooperation with The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. dedicated a Blue Star Memorial Marker on 18 November 2014.
A Unit from Fort Benning provided appropriate music for this event.

The event was standing room only, however I took this image prior to the dedication so as to not disrupt the event.

The Color Guard from Fort Benning executed a flawless performance of presenting the Colors of our Country.

Members of the Color Guard and the Wreath Placement Crew await the start of the Dedication.

Ms. Lora D. Warren, Director of Educational Services, National Infantry Museum gave us an overview of the "Walk of Honor" where the Blue Star Marker was already placed.  (Please note that because of the very cold weather that the dedication was held inside the National Infantry Museum -  "Patriot Hall.")

The Marker was accepted by Mr. Ben F. Williams, Jr., President and Chief Operating Officer of the National Infantry Museum

"Taps" was played."

Mr. William M. (Bill) Hay, Coweta Falls chapter, Sons of the American Revolution concluded the Dedication with the Benediction.

I was able to get this posed picture after the Dedication of the U. S. Army Color Guard.  

Members of the U. S. Naval Reserve Unit located in Columbus, Georgia placed the Wreath.

The following pictures were taken after the Dedication on the grounds of the National Infantry Museum.  Prior to each Picture is a view of the information plaque, which gives you information.

This shows the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. Blue Star Marker Chairperson - Janice Thiese on the left and the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. President Elect - Martha Price.  This Marker is located on the "Walk of Honor" near the Museum

It certainly was an interesting Dedication and also an emotional Visit to the Walk of Honor to view the Monuments and read the information plaques.  If I recall correctly there are over twenty monuments in the area along with the Blue Star Memorial Marker.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Preparing for the 
The November meeting of the Pine Ridge Garden Club in Macon featured a demonstration on Fall Decorations and also Christmas Decorations including Wreaths.  The Program was conducted by the Club President, Janice Marie Thiese.

Demonstrating a Table Top Decoration!!!

A Holiday Wreath!!

A Door Swag featuring plant materials and
a Bow!!!

A Table or Shelf Decoration!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Blue Star Memorial Marker
7 November 2014

A previous post here contained the pictures of this event which was Sponsored by the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. in Cooperation with the State of Georgia.  It was my Honor to be asked to speak at this event as a Veteran of our Armed Forces.  Here is a copy of my comments:

Remarks by Retired Sailor Alan F. E. Thiese at the Blue Star Memorial Marker on the Grounds of the State of Georgia Capital on Friday, November 7, 2014:

Why Are We Here ?  This dedication is not about the impact that our Military makes in our Great State of Georgia.  It is about our Georgia Heroes!!!

Today we unveil and also dedicate this Memorial Marker to remind ourselves and all who follow us of the rich heritage we have inherited because of those who have served or are serving in our Military.

This Memorial Marker and hundreds like it throughout our United States of America Honors and Remembers our Past Heroes.

During World War I through the Gulf War over 732,000 citizens from Georgia served in our Military.  Over 11,000 were Killed In Action.  We Remember these Heroes today!!!!
This Marker also recognizes our Current Heroes, serving in our Military and is one Small Gesture of respect we have as we Salute them here today!!!

As of August 2013 we had over One Million 432 thousand Men and Women on Active Duty in  our Military.  This does not include the Reserve Components that are also being deployed to situations all over our World.

Now to focus on our current Georgia Heroes who are stationed in Georgia!!!  The following is a breakdown of Active Duty Service personnel as of  August 30, 2013. 

U.S. Army – 55,689
U. S. Air Force – 9,501
U. S. Navy – 5,510
U. S. Marines – 1,409
U. S. Coast Guard – 508

This totals to 72,617 Active Duty.  The total number of Civilians to support these Heroes is 35,679.

These Heroes serve us all at thirteen Military Bases and Installations throughout Georgia.

Now to reflect on our Veterans who live in Georgia.  As of 30 September 2014 we have:

742,882 Veterans of which 572,382 are from War Time.  A total of 180,500 Peace Time Veterans also reside in Georgia.  A total of 662,501 of these Veterans are Male and 90,382 are Female.  So we are not only Honoring Male Heroes, but Female Heroes also.

This Marker is also dedicated to the Heroes who will stand up for our rights in the future!!
They, like our Past Heroes and our Present Heroes will carry the mantle of defending our way of life.  They will also be able to reflect on what our Past Heroes and our Current Heroes have accomplished.  Like us assembled here today, they can look back with intense pride on the accomplishments of our Military!!!!

So the Challenge I submit to each of you here today is:“What can We, You and I, do to preserve our way of life in the United States of America and the State of Georgia? 

We simply must share with our Children, our Grandchildren and our Great Grandchildren the awesome accomplishments of those who have served, those who currently serve us, and yes, those who will serve us in the future the Heritage we have and also look forward to in the future.  We Remember our past and Honor those who serve us now as we dedicate this Marker, here at the State Capital of Georgia.  This event will display to all pass this marker that we have not forgotten.  The accomplishments of our Heroes has been noticed and will continue to be noticed..We must share the deeds these Heroes have accomplished, are even now performing and the responsibilities we lay on future generations of Defenders as they also step up to serve and protect our United States of America and the State of Georgia.

To do less would be a failure on our part!!!!

Before you depart this building today I would suggest that you take the time to visit the Georgia’s Medal of Honor display to my left.   You will learn that the first citizen of Georgia to earn this Medal did so during the Civil War in 1864.

Thank You for your attention to these remarks as “We Remember our Heroes, We Salute our Current Heroes and look Forward to a Free America in the future; which will be enabled by those who will accept the duties to protect us All.”

Friday, November 7, 2014

Blue Star Memorial Marker
Floyd Veterans Memorial
November 7, 2014
The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. In Cooperation with The State of Georgia unveiled and dedicated a Marker Honoring with Grateful Hearts Those Who Defend Our Freedom.

Here you see John with the Georgia Building Checking out the Marker Post and also calling the appropriate Staff to mount the Memorial Marker early on 7 November 2014.

The Marker was installed at the Corner of the covered portico that State of Georgia  Lawmakers and Staff use to pass from the Capital to the Floyd Veterans Memorial Building.  This is a view looking toward the Capital from the location of the Marker.

Here you see the Staff of the Georgia Building Authority unwrapping the Marker as they prepare to mount it on the post.

Placing the Marker on the Post.

Yes, this is the correct angle for this Marker to present the maximum impact for the State of Georgia Workers and Lawmakers as they proceed to the Floyd Veterans Building11

John and Taylor pose for this picture with the vailed Marker.  Without the efforts of the Georgia Building Authority Staff this presentation would not have been so well presented.  Unfortunately the other Staff Member had departed before this picture was taken.

The Marker ready to be unveiled.

This is where the ceremony was conducted.  The dedication speakers and the entire program was conducted in the Lobby of the West Tower of the Floyd Veterans Memorial Building.  

Here you see the President Elect of the Garden Club of Georgia - Martha Price, Janice Thiese, The State Blue Star Marker Chairperson along with COL Dwayne Wilson of the Georgia National Guard prepare to unveil the Memorial Marker.

COL Dwayne Wilson was the Keynote speaker for this Dedication Event.  Here you see the Marker immediately after the Cover was removed!!!!

Those Members of our Armed Forces who attended this event pose here with the Marker.  

This and the following pictures show the members who performed various task to enable this Dedication to happen.  I, as the Editor of this Blog for the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. extend my sincere Thanks and Graditude to these volunteers who work to Honor our Georgia Heroes, Past, Present and Future who have defended, are defending our Country, or will defend in the future.

I appreciate each and everyone who worked to make this day possible.  As the Editor and Publisher of this Blog for the Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. I Thank you on behalf of this Great Organization.