Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Blue Star Memorial Markers"

Everyone who travels throughout the United States of America has had the opportunity to view these Memorial Markers.  They are frequently placed at Interstate Highway Rest Areas as well as on will traveled roads and other high traffic places.  The Blue Star Memorial Markers and the By-Way Markers have been placed thoughout our great Country by the National Garden Clubs in conjunction with the State and Local Garden Clubs and Federations.

 This Interstate Rest Area Blue Star Memorial Marker was dedicated on November 12, 2007.  It is placed near I-75 for Southbound traffic at the Rest Area, which also contains the Macon, Georgia Welcome Center.  Because the landscaping was in poor condition the Members of the Pine Ridge Garden Club determined that a Landscaping Project would be appropriate.

This is one of several views of the completed project.  The pole in the center supports the Flag of our Country. 

The project involved the planting of three Purple Muhly Grass Plants and three Gold Mop Cypress Plants.  Of course edging was put into place to hold the large pine bark nuggets.  In addition to that each plant was given a bed of garden soil mixed with the already present soil.

The member of the Pine Ridge Garden Club who performed this task on September 28, 2011 also posed for the previous two images.  It was a cool misty morning and the project required 2 hours and 58 minutes to complete.

These plants were selected because they will provide year around color and interest for the thousands who pass through this Rest Stop each day.  For those Garden Club members who read this "Gardening Tidbits" Blog you now also get to see the Author and Publisher of the Blog.

I enjoyed performing this task, especially in view of the fact the the Blue Star Memorial Marker Program Honors our Nations Heroes, Past, Present and Future.