Thursday, January 21, 2016

Flower Arrangements

Flower Arrangements for
Today I share several arrangements that may be suitable for Church Displays and the many color combinations that were used to make these arrangements.  Most of these arrangements contained a majority of cut flowers that were available in Middle Georgia from the flower vendors.

I hope you enjoyed!!!

Community Wildlife Project

Feed The Birds
and also
Appreciate Our Wildlife
 The above bird feeder picture is included to show a product that is available to feed the birds and to also prevent the squirrels from eating all the food.  When a bird wants to eat they place themselves on the perch, however when a squirrel gets on the perch they are heavy enough to cause the grid to slip down and prevent them from having access to the bird seed.  I have found this type of feeder to be most effective.

To learn more about the opportunities you have to enjoy and also support Wildlife please take the opportunity to visit this Web Site: