Saturday, August 4, 2012

Planning Landscape Plantings

I am aware that most everyone desires lovely plants in the landscape.  Thus they plant shrubs and plants that they have seen in other places or that they think will add beauty to the scene.  No problem.  That is everyone's goal.  While this post may sound a bit basic for many I desire to stress the importance of knowing what you purchase when you are acquiring plants.  If you have a landscape contractor you may also want to share this infomation with them when you are planning a landscape project.

No matter your situation I would encourage everyone to know the growth habits of any plants that they are considering.  

 I am sure that you will agree that this is a lovely looking Crepe Myrtle displaying beautiful color. 
 Here is a closer look at the structure of this Crepe Myrtle.  For several years it received an annual pruning to keep it low and pleasant to the eye for those who passed by.  I have heard some refer to this process of pruning as "Crepe Murder."

This is a close up of the structure of the same Crepe Myrtle plant.  This view clearly shows that the new growth in 2012 was able to sprout from the previous joints that had been severely pruned.  This year the new branches were allowed to grow and display their beauty as you observed in the first photograph in this Blog Post.

My point today is to know the growth habit and acquire plants that will fit the needs and desires of your landscape scheme.  The plant that is the subject of this Blog Post is in the middle of the entrance and exit lanes of the development where I live.  It can grow as high as it is supposed to grow with out hampering the view or the building it would be in front of if you planted it in your landscape as a planting near your home.

I understand that some Crepe Myrtle shrubs can actually become trees.  I have read the descriptions on some that indicate that they can grow to as high as 60 feet. 

Thus the title of this post.  Plan ahead and know the growth habit of the plants you acquire for your respective projects. Proper Planning will always reduce the maintenance required for you to continue to have a lovely looking landscape at your home and/or business.