Friday, June 7, 2013

Georgia Historic House
Garden Pilgrimage 2013
Macon, Georgia
Friday, June 7, 2013

This Pilgrimage was sponsored by The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. and the Department of Natural Resources, Historic Preservation Division.

Tour proceeds benefited the restoration and preservation of Georgia's non-profit historic landscapes and gardens.

 It was my good fortune to serve as a Host at this home at 562 College Street in Macon, Georgia.  This home was constructed in 1905 and was one of nine stops on this Pilgrimage.  I arrived early so that I could capture appropriate images before the crowds arrived.  I am glad I volunteered to host at this stop.

 This view and the next one are always visible to passing motorist and pedestrians on College Street. This sidewalk garden is full of annuals and there is always something in bloom year round.   The gardner at this home has a reputation of usually being out trimming and grooming this sidewalk garden. 

It was a lovely day in Macon, Georgia with no rains and fairly cool weather. 

This Pilgrimage featured Macon's Gentlemen Architects and Gardeners.  I will quote from the Pilgrimage information regarding this stop:

"In 1919 James Hyde Porter and his wife Olive acquired this home......   Porter was a knowledgeable horticulturist and gardener, and he, along with fellow Vineville Garden Club member Dr. Lee, was one of the co-founders of what became the American Camellia Society.  Soon after the Porters bought their College Street home, they also acquired the house and lot of their deceased neighbor, Mrs. Ellen Washington Bellamy."

Of course there was a lot of history contained in the Pilgrimage Information Sheet for each of the nine stops; however I focus on the stop I spent the most time at.