Friday, March 18, 2016

Again Beauty Abounds in Middle Georgia

The Wonderful Rain

Early this Morning prior to Sunrise we received one half inch of rain.  It washed the Pollen away and everything looked so brilliant that I determined to document the wonderful morning with a series of pictures.  The message today is enjoy the Spring Beauty that surrounds you where ever you are!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Garden Club Field Trip

Garden Club Field Trip
Coweta Greenhouses, Inc.
Newnan, Georgia

The Pine Ride Garden Club located in Macon, Georgia conducted a Field Trip to Coweta Greenhouses, Inc. which is located just South of Newnan, Georgia to see first hand how a commercial grower grows and ships plants.  It was a very interesting and educational opportunity to see first hand all the steps involved in growing and also shipping the lovely flowers we all appreciate when we visit our local food markets.  While I cannot disclose who Coweta Greenhouses, Inc. ships to you can send me an E-Mail at:

to learn of the Food Chain that sells the flowers grown by Coweta Greenhouses, Inc.

The flowers were lovely and I will not post any comments on the majority of the pictures.  Enjoy the beauty.  If your Garden Club would like to visit this organization their phone number is:  (770) 251-3040.

Members of the Pine Ridge Garden Club along with the Manager of Coweta Greenhouses, Inc.  Tommy is on the far Left.

Plants in sleeves ready for loading and shipment.

Pine Ridge Garden Clubbers modeling the Greenhouse.  Coweta Greenhouses, Inc. has over seven acres of greenhouses!