Thursday, September 19, 2013

Garden Club Work Themes
Everyone Doing Their Part
I have always been involved in organizations that have appropriate themes for their Program of Work.  I remember my 4-H days and the motto - To Make The Best Better.

Today I will review the Themes of Garden Club Work in the United States of America.  

The Theme for the National Garden Clubs is:
"Making A World Of Difference - Choices Matter"

The Theme for the Garden Clubs of Georgia is:
"Scatter Joy As We Bloom and Grow"

The Camellia District is:
"Growing Georgia Green"

Recently I received, along with my Electric Bill a Flyer promoting the fact that I could receive a $50.00 rebate if I turned in a Refrigerator that I did not need.  The Refrigerator needed to be in working order, which was kind of interesting.

I called the toll free number and set up to have the Old Refrigerator picked up so that I could receive the $50.00.  The refrigerator had to be at least ten cubic feet, which mine was so the pick-up date was arranged.  It had to be plugged in when picked up so that it could be verified that it was operational.

The Recycling Firm based in Atlanta picked the Old Refrigerator up today.  I inquired as to why the refrigerator had to be working.  I was told that they take the "Old Freon" out and it is recycled in the refrigeration industry for customers who have equipment that requires "Freon."

Needless to say, I am proud to be part of a program that recycles "Freon" rather than letting escape to the atmosphere.  I feel good about doing my part in helping "Grow Georgia Green."

Now you know the background and the reason for getting old refrigerators off of the street.  They have freon that can be re-used.  

Additionally, I am a Garden Club Member that supports the theme of the Camellia District.  Now, no matter which District in Georgia you are a part of, You can help by recycling your old refrigerator while receiving $50.00 as well as knowing that you helped to support the Garden Clubs of Georgia Theme:  "Making A World Of Difference - Choices Matter."