Monday, April 22, 2013

38th Annual
Hidden Gardens
Savannah, Georgia
sponsored by
The Garden Club of Savannah

On Saturday, April 20, 2013 a group of Garden Club Members conducted a Field Trip to Savannah, Georgia to visit nine hidden gardens.  Each of these gardens was a unique reflection of the lifestyle of the owner.  I found each to be very relaxing and enjoyable.  In case you are wondering what "NOGS" means here is the definition:  "North of Gwinnett Street."

The walking tour included these gardens and the "Southern Tea" which was held at the green Meldrin House.  I enjoyed the whole day.  The beauty of each hidden garden does not need an explanation.  Enjoy the views!!!!

Thank You!!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Beauty Abounds
Beauty Today
Middle Georgia
April 17, 2013

Amaryliss 'Double Six'
this flower was given to my wife
in 2010 after she broke both bones in her right
leg by a Garden Club Friend.
It continues to provide beauty in our lives.
The color is listed as:  Vermillion red

We received this from a Friend.  It is commonly called a Buckeye.
The botanical name is Aeschylus paver.  In the Fall or even
late Summer it should produce Buckeyes, which are in a round
ball much like a camellia see.  You can plant them or carry one in
your pocket for Good Luck.

We received this lovely plant which blooms in April of each
year.  It is known as a Cliva.  We winter it over in an
unheated garage and it continues to provide beauty each year

A collection of potted plants which we winter over in
the garage, however they are now enjoying the lovely
Spring Season on the Deck on the North side of our home

I share these pictures today to let everyone know the value of pass along plants.  Our Garden Club friends and neighbors continue to provide us with much of the beauty that we enjoy and appreciate each season. 

Yes, I practice what I talk about!!!