Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Season's Premiere 2014" Middle Georgia Judges Council Flower Show

I participated in this Flower Show which was
held at the Neel House, 730 College Street in
Macon, Georgia.  I received a second place
award for this entry in Class 4 - "Seasons of
Flavor."  This Small Standard Flower Show
was a one day event.

This collage received first place and was
entered by the President of the Garden Club
of Georgia. 

There were three other design classes in
this flower show.  This class required a design
to support the title "Seasons for Relaxing."
Each designer had to furnish their own
rocking chair.

For a small standard show there were over 100 entries received in the
Horticulture Division.  There were 24 classes in this Division.
It was certainly an opportunity to learn which plants thrive in
Middle Georgia.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Advantages of Having Plants in the Home

I am confident that each of us who is involved in
Garden Club Work is aware of the value of having Plant
Life in our Homes.  However today I am encouraging
everyone to share this knowledge with their Family and/or
Friends who may not be aware of the Health Benefits
as well as the Beauty Benefits of maintaining
House Plants. 

We have enjoyed this plant for twenty years.
It is always a pleasant reminder that
Spring will once again bring Beauty to the
Gardens outside of the House.
Also, now is the time, as most everyone knows; but a reminder is always helpful; to evaluate the plants that performed well in the Gardens this past year and to also anticipate and even procure plants that will bring even more beauty to our landscapes in 2014 and beyond.