Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Beauty
Preparing for Winter

These close up photographs of the Fatsia Blooms are shared here because I have never had seen this bloom. These plants are in four foot tall planters with a Southern exposure here in Macon, Georgia. This will be their second Winter and they remained out of doors last Winter with no damage.
The Gardens here are in a tree sheltered situation so I suspect that they will endure cold temperatures more efficiently than plants in planters in a landscape without trees.

No Fall Garden is complete without the lovely Confederate Rose. This pink bloom was just waiting to be photographed.

Frequent visitors to this Blog will know that I enjoy the "Angel Trumpet" plant. This one is in full flower here in late October. It is in the landscape on the East Side of our home in a wind sheltered area. I always cut these plants down to the soil line just before a frost. I collect about a dozen cuttings of the stems about ten inches long. I root them in water over the Winter in the Garage. The garage is not heated, but it is warm enough that these plants do not freeze. I also maintain the "Angel Trumpet Mother Plant" in a sixteen inch planter which I Winter over each year in the garage just in case we have a severe Winter.
I have been enjoying this beautiful plant in our landscape here in Middle Georgia for about eight years now.
As I visited the East Gardens I noted that the one Yuletide Camellia that we have is setting a plethora of buds which will soon become beautiful Flowers. I will share photographs here when they start blooming.
As we anticipate cooler weather it is prudent to think about plant protection for the upcoming Winter Season. Sometimes I wonder if the labor of toting the planters in and out from the garage is worth it, only to remember that the beauty that I enjoy makes it all well worth while.
Enjoy the Fall Season. Soon the Burning Bushes and other Fall Shrubs will be in full beauty.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Top Award Winners
Georgia National Fair
2009 Standard Flower Show
October 11, 2009 is the final day for this Show at the Georgia National Fair. The Flower Show is a real testment to the design skills of the Garden Club Ladies of Georgia. Additionally the horticulture displays gave every fair attendee the opportunity to view the plants that thrive in Georgia. A very educational event.
There were other Top Award Winners at this Flower Show, but I can only display so many. I took 167 images so that the Flower Show Chairperson could compile a Book of Evidence to submit in Garden Club Competitions.
You do not have much time left to enjoy this event, but I would urge everyone to attend the Fall Flower Show today or tomorrow, October 11, 2009.

I believe that this entry was in the "Hahira Honey Bee Festival" Class.

If I remember correctly, this entry was in the "Gold Rush Days, Dahlonagha" Class.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Flower Show
2009 Georgia National Fair
Perry, Georgia
A Standard Flower Show

Yesterday, October 8, 2009 you had the opportunity to view the Fall Flower Show Staging. Today you are viewing the Complete Flower Show after the Judging had been completed. Of course there are visitors to the beautiful show.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

2009 Georgia National Fair
Flower Show
Hosted By The
Camellia District IV
Garden Club of Georgia, Inc

What you are viewing here is the Standard Flower Show Staging. Tomorrow I will display the Show with all of the entries. This Flower Show was open to all citizens of Georgia.