Monday, April 19, 2010

Enjoy the Beauty of Georgia

Grancy Graybeard or Fringe Tree


I grow this lovely blooming vine in a tomato cage. The plant is placed in a wooden planter which is in the shade but the vine flourishes in the sun. The beauty of Spring in Middle Georgia!!! Enjoy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Applied Art
Another Pine Ridge Garden Club Project

In a previous Post I discussed Frustration Art. During the Same Workshop the leader also taught us how to use leaves to decorate Flower Pots. Everyone in attendance had brought leaves and flowers to the meeting along with a flower pot which had been primed. Please note that on the pot above that there is a yellow flower. The artist in this case finished the project by outlining the "Dogwood" flower.

One Member decided that she could free hand her Art Work on a Flower Pot. Very talented.

To apply the leaf to the flower pot, or in this case a Flower Pot Saucer to make a Bird Bath you take the face side of a leaf/leaves and place them on wax paper. You then brush on some paint and then turn the leaf on to the pot or saucer you desire to decorate. Shown above is a saucer, now a bird bath with green leaves adorning the basin.

Preserving the Beautiful Flowers we grow
Recently the Pine Ridge Garden Club here in Macon, Georgia held a workshop during a regular monthly meeting to show everyone how to preserve the lovely flowers that we all enjoy.

The Workshop leader had instructed us on what to bring. Single petal flowers such as Pansy Blooms work best for this type of Art, which the Leader had labeled "Frustration Art." This name is considered appropriate because you take a hammer to beat the flowers. Step One is to lay the flower or flowers face down on a muslin type cloth.

Step Two involves placing masking tape on the back side of the flowers. Of course the muslin is placed on a board so that you can beat the Masking Tape with a hammer.

Step Three which is the fun part involves striking the hammer quite briskly on the masking tape.

Step Four requires that you remove the Masking Tape. Now you have a cloth with your Flower Art. Of course this is a sample. You can use a larger piece of cloth and frame the result to develop a "Frustration Art" Gallery to display in your own home. Of course this Art Work could be also used for Gifts.

Step Five - Enjoy the results.

Springtime Task

Admittedly the pictures do not relate to the task that I will discuss today. Now that all danger of frost is past for Middle Georgia I determined that my Bermuda Lawn near the right of way needed food. I had acquired 26-0-3 which is just what I needed to green up the grass. I applied the fertilizer in accordance with the directions on the bag label, which stated that the grass must be dry when the fertilizer is applied. This evening as the Sun sets I will set off the sprinkler system to water the fertilizer in.
After I had completed this task in the full sun I took a break to enjoy the beauty that surrounds our home.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Beauty Abounds

Just prior to Sunset on April 12, 2010 I took the opportunity to capture some pictures of the beauty that surrounds my home here in Middle Georgia. This Japanese Maple always looks great.

Unfortunately I only acquired five of these Pieris plants. They are dwarf plants. One thing I have learned in gardening is that a planting of shrubs needs to be large enough to command interest. Or as some would say, you need a drift of plants to draw attention to the planting.

Many years ago I obtained a "Climbing Hydrangea" to place on the Northside of my home. This one is growing up a brick chimney. It has blooms several times in the past three years. You will also note the pollen on the leaves. It has about ten collections of flower buds.

Here is a close up of a Lace Cap Hydrangea. It also will be in full bloom. I appreciate these Hydrangeas for their delicate beauty.
I would enourage you to go out in your gardens today, even if for a brief period to avoid the pollen, to enjoy the results of your labors. Enjoy the Beauty.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dogwood Blossoms

When we purchased our Home in January 1992 we did not realize that we had so many native Dogwood trees on the property. We continue to enjoy these lovely blooms every April. I cannot recall a Spring when they were not blooming the First Weekend of April.
While the Azaleas are about ten days behind this year the Dogwoods are right on schedule. The birds also enjoy the berries on the Dogwoods every Fall.
Beauty Abounds in Middle Georgia.