Monday, March 15, 2010

Lenten Rose Planting and Care
During the past years I have given many Lenten Rose Plants away, without really giving much thought as to providing Planting and Care Instruction. Today I will attempt to provide information on what has allowed me to enjoy these plants.
First of all I select a planting site that is very much like an area where Camellias thrive. Lenten Roses like the same type shade.
When I plant them I prepare a mix of 1/3 fine pine bark much, 1/3 sand and 1/3 garden soil. The soil where I live is more clay than any type of loam mixture. I put about one gallon of this mixture into a hole and then place the lenten rose plant in the mixture. Of course I am a firm believer of mulch which can be pine straw or leaves from the trees that abound in my Gardens.
Depending on the weather I make sure that they have adquate water, but that is not usually a problem here in Middle Georgia. About two or three times a Summer season I will feed the ferns and the lenten roses in the shade gardens behind the house with a hose end sprayer using any of the available plant foods sold for foliage feeding.
I appreciate lenten roses because the local deer population do not consume them.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Helleborus orientalis
Lenten Rose
It is the time of the year when the Lenten Rose Blooms can be enjoyed. Today it was warm enough here in Middle Georgia to allow some pictures to be taken. The flower tends to remain closed up when it is cold.
The first picture taken with my hand in view allows you to compare the size of the bloom. The blooms come in many colors. Unless you pay a very high price you get the color that the plant decides to be. These plants produce seeds which grow over a period of about three years before they bloom. The offspring are not true to color of the parent plant.
If you desire a certain color you must purchase a plant that has experienced a bloom cycle, thus the higher cost.
The pictures shown here include the color range that is currently in bloom in the Gardens here in West Bibb County Georgia.

Should you desire additional information please conduct an internet search. These are an easy to grow plant.