Thursday, December 23, 2010

Meet the Author of This Blog

As we all conclude the year of 2010 I thought it would be appropriate to feature a picture of the author of this Blog.

I live on a one acre lot in West Bibb County which features many trees.  The plants and flowers that I feature in "Gardening Tidbits" grow here and enjoy the partial shade that many trees provide. 

I grew up in Iowa, the Oldest Son of a Farming Couple who raised 6 children on an 80 acre farm.  The U. S. Navy brought me to Middle Georgia in 1971 and I found a "home" here.  I enjoy the moderate Winters and can survive the Warm Summers.

I enjoy working in the Gardens that surround our home and I also appreciate the opportunity to share my love of all things beautiful here on this Blog. 

I Wish all of the readers here:

A Very Blessed Christmas 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Abundant Beauty

It is always nice to prepare for Christmas.  Everyone  desires to place the best on display.  This lovely flower just reached full bloom yesterday.  It was a gift to My Bride for her to enjoy as she recovers from a major accident where she broke both bones in her right leg. 

This is an arrangement that The Pine Ridge Garden Club placed on the Hutch in the Breakfast room at the Federated Garden Center in Macon, Georgia for everyone to enjoy during the Christmas Holidays.  This arrangement features all natural plant material.  In case you may be wondering, the white in the center is blooms from a Fatsia Plant.

Enjoy the Christmas Holiday!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Flowers

It is time for me to make a post on this Blog.  Enjoy the December Flowers.

 These paperwhites flourish on the Southern Exposure of our Home in Macon.  As you can tell I cut some and placed them in containers so that we could enjoy them in the house.  In addition to the beauty, the fragrance is wonderful.

Everyone has fond memories of the "Christmas Cactus" Blooms that adorned their Grandmothers house during the Holidays. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Night Blooming Cereus Blooms
September 9, 2010
The second and most likely the last cycle of blooms for 2010 of the Night Blooming Cereus happened on September 9, 2010. Enjoy the blooms.

I would encourage everyone to obtain a cutting of this delightful plant. It is true that the plant itself does not display much, if any beauty, but the one night blooms are simply grand. This plant is very easy to grow and maintain. It is a tropical and I winter the two plants over in the garage.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Night Blooming Cereus
July 24, 2010

This image was taken at 10:15 P.M.

This image was taken at 10:18 P.M. and is a side view.

This image was taken at 10:19 P.M. and is a different bloom than the first two. We have two plants and one had a total of 4 blooms and the other had 7 blooms.

This image was taken at 10:38 P.M.

This image was taken at 10:43 P.M. We used a flashlight to add interest and additional lighting.
In 2009 we had two flushes of bloom on these two plants. They were 40 days apart. If that holds true in 2010 we can expect another round of blooms on or about 2 September 2010.
In addition to their beauty they also have a lovely fragrance.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July Beauty

Dinner Plate Hibiscus
Hibiscus moscheuto. A close relative of the Rose of Sharon which is also blooming in my Garden. These blooms are about twelve inches across and certainly are timely here in July as we Celebrate Independence Day.

This grouping of plants is just outside of the deck on the North side of the house. The planting thrives with morning Sun.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sharing The Beauty

Today, June 13, 2010 members of the Middle Georgia Camera Club held a Field Trip to Indian Springs State Park as well as held a Picnic. This is a simple arrangement of Hydrangeas that I put together just before leaving for this fun event. I would encourage everyone to share their love of flowers with the members of the various organizations that they participate in as members.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blue Star By-Way Marker Dedication Ceremony
Augusta, Georgia
The Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center was the site for the dedication of the 137th Blue Star Marker in the State of Georgia on Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The music for this dedication was provided by this group from the 434th Army Band stationed at Fort Gordon, Georgia.

The Fort Gordon Color Guard provided appropriate Honors for out Nation's Flag.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by these Girls From Girl Scout Troop 20011.

The lady in the center of this group is Marie Murray, a World War II Veteran. She and four other Army Nurses participated in the D-Day Landing in Europe. Additionally, She and the same four Nurses who were involved in D-Day rendered medical assistance to the Soldiers as they were engaged in the Battle of the Buldge. She is a member of the Azalea Garden Club and she placed a floral tribute at the base of this Marker. Ms. Murray is certainly a living legend and a World War II Hero. The Blue Star Marker Program Honors her, and all Veterans of all times as they served to allow the Freedoms that we all enjoy.

In addition to a view of the Marker, the ladies shown here are from left to right:
Betty Grimes, President Garden Clubs of Georgia, Inc.
Janice Thiese, Chairperson of the Blue Star Memorial Marker Program, State of Georgia
Pat Hathaway, President, Augusta Council of Garden Clubs
Peggy Glover, Deep South Azalea District and Chairman, Augusta Council of Garden Clubs Blue Star Marker
Dr. Katherine S. Allen, Director Azalea District Garden Club of Georgia
Again, a lovely dedication ceremony. This Marker is located near the Entrance of this Medical Center which is located at 1 Freedom Way, Augusta, Georgia.

Blue Star Marker Dedication

Eatonton, Georgia

On May 27, 2010 My Bride and I traveled to Eatonton, Georgia for another Blue Star Marker Dedication. This event was entitled "Celebrate Patriotism" a Pre-Memorial Day Program. After a picnic supper on the grounds of the Plaza Arts Center the dedication ceremony was held inside the Arts Center, which is a former School.

The Ceremony included a Military Band Concert performed by the 434th Signal Corps Band from Fort Gordon, Georgia.

The President of The Garden Clubs of Georgia,Inc. addressed the crowd and reminded us of the importance of the Blue Star Memorial Program. The over 13,000 Garden Club Members in the State of Georgia in 400 individual Clubs participate in this Nation Wide Program to Honor and also Remember our Nation's Heroes "Who Have Served, Who Are Currently Serving, and Those Who Will Serve In The Future" to defend the Freedoms we enjoy in our United States of America.

This is a replica of the Blue Star Memorial Marker. Shown here are the ladies of various Garden Clubs who participated in the Dedication Ceremony.

In addition to the Garden Club Ladies, several local Civic Leaders participated in the Ceremony. The event was conducted inside and was led by the former Commander of the Famed 48th Brigade of Georgia who is now retired. He led this Brigade during a tour of duty in Iraq. He is the individual behind the left end of the Marker Replica.

This is an image of the Memorial Marker in the Court House Square of Putnam County which is located in Eatonton, Georgia. The Marker is sponsored by the Town and Country Garden Club in cooperation with the Garden Clubs of Georgia, Inc. and Putnam County.
A lovely evening dedication with also featured a concert by the 434th Signal Corps Band. A very fitting and appropriate event to also include the Blue Star Memorial Marker Dedication event.

Blue Star Marker Dedication
Shellman, Georgia
On May 20, 2010 My Bride and I traveled to Shellman, Georgia which is in the heart of Plantation Country in Southwest, Georgia to so that she could participate in the Dedication of a Blue Star Marker.

Part of the Dedication Ceremony involved the Junior Garden Club known as the Azalea Buds. They placed small rocks at the base of the Marker.

Here you see Garden Club ladies unveil the Memorial Marker. The Marker was sponsored in part by the ladies of two Garden Clubs - The Azalea Garden Club of Cuthbert/Shellman and The Camellia Garden Club of Cuthbert.

A close up view of the Marker

The Dedication was concluded with the playing of "Taps" and was certainly a fitting tribute to those Heroes who have gone on. As a Veteran of the U. S. Navy my heart swelled with pride as this Dedication Ceremony concluded.
Well Done!!!

The town of Shellman, Georgia can certainly be proud of this Memorial Marker. The park where it is placed also includes a Memorial with names of the Veterans who have served our Great Country who joined from the Shellman area.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Beauty in Bloom in Middle Georgia

Flowering Beauty in Middle Georgia

Mop Head Hydrangeas

Gumpo Azelea Blooms

Lovely White Mop Heads

Lace Cap Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas in a Row
This Blog is published to support the Garden Clubs of Georgia in their mission of promoting Beautification, Conservation, Education. These beautiful blooms are now on display in Middle Georgia.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Climbing Hydrangea Blooms

The Blooms on the Climbing Hydrangea have never looked better in the last few years than this year. I had to take these pictures this morning simply to show them off. These Blooms are lovely. Unfortunately I am not able to capture the total beauty of this plant. I suspect that if I have a "Lift a Loft" I could get in the proper position to get a picture of the entire plant which runs up the North facing chimney at my home.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hydrangea Time In Middle Georgia

This Lace-Cap flourishes on the North side of our home and this year's display of blooms is the best yet. It continues to add to the beauty in the gardens.
A close up of the Lace-Cap which grows at the base of the Climbing Hydrange which you will view on the next picture.

This Climbing Hydrangea is also displaying it's best blooms ever. It grows on the chimney and continues to dazzle all who view it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Enjoy the Beauty of Georgia

Grancy Graybeard or Fringe Tree


I grow this lovely blooming vine in a tomato cage. The plant is placed in a wooden planter which is in the shade but the vine flourishes in the sun. The beauty of Spring in Middle Georgia!!! Enjoy.