Thursday, December 23, 2010

Meet the Author of This Blog

As we all conclude the year of 2010 I thought it would be appropriate to feature a picture of the author of this Blog.

I live on a one acre lot in West Bibb County which features many trees.  The plants and flowers that I feature in "Gardening Tidbits" grow here and enjoy the partial shade that many trees provide. 

I grew up in Iowa, the Oldest Son of a Farming Couple who raised 6 children on an 80 acre farm.  The U. S. Navy brought me to Middle Georgia in 1971 and I found a "home" here.  I enjoy the moderate Winters and can survive the Warm Summers.

I enjoy working in the Gardens that surround our home and I also appreciate the opportunity to share my love of all things beautiful here on this Blog. 

I Wish all of the readers here:

A Very Blessed Christmas 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Abundant Beauty

It is always nice to prepare for Christmas.  Everyone  desires to place the best on display.  This lovely flower just reached full bloom yesterday.  It was a gift to My Bride for her to enjoy as she recovers from a major accident where she broke both bones in her right leg. 

This is an arrangement that The Pine Ridge Garden Club placed on the Hutch in the Breakfast room at the Federated Garden Center in Macon, Georgia for everyone to enjoy during the Christmas Holidays.  This arrangement features all natural plant material.  In case you may be wondering, the white in the center is blooms from a Fatsia Plant.

Enjoy the Christmas Holiday!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Flowers

It is time for me to make a post on this Blog.  Enjoy the December Flowers.

 These paperwhites flourish on the Southern Exposure of our Home in Macon.  As you can tell I cut some and placed them in containers so that we could enjoy them in the house.  In addition to the beauty, the fragrance is wonderful.

Everyone has fond memories of the "Christmas Cactus" Blooms that adorned their Grandmothers house during the Holidays.