Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fringe Tree

A Fringe Tree in Bloom against a backdrop of other trees in the Gardens. You may know this plant as an "Old Man's Beard" or "Grancy Graybeard." It also is known as "Chionanthus Virginicus."
I can not state when I first saw this lovely flowering tree which is usually seen in rural area off of the back roads, but I do know that I first saw this plant in full bloom in a yard in rural Georgia as I traveled to visit my Bride's Aunt in Danville, Georgia. Several years later I learned the name as "Grancy Graybeard." I finally acquired one tree several years ago and it always blooms the second or third week of April. It is not a fast grower but it is a very interesting tree with lovely looking fringe. It does well in full sun and I have been told that it will also thrive in part shade.
A great focal point in April and it then takes a back seat in the landscape. It does loose it's leaves in the Winter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tulip Poplar

Lirindendron Tulipifera L or commonly known as Tulip Poplar is in full bloom in Middle Georgia.

These fast growing trees have lovely flowers, but once they reach great heights you have to wait until the flowers fall. Here is one bloom that was not damaged during the trip to Earth. Click on the image to see full size.

I have several of these trees in the back gardens and they make great shade.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Clivia, a member of the Amaryllis Family. This plant is native to South Africa. Here in Middle Georgia it is a house plant. I keep it on the deck with a North exposure during the warm months and place it in the garage during the Winter. When the flower buds appear I bring it into the house to enjoy. This plant has been blooming for three weeks and will most likely continue to have a nice bloom for at least two more weeks. A delightful plant which can also be shared. This plant has two developing shoots which I will cut away once the blooms are complete. It is a great pass-a-long plant to share with your gardening friends and a delightful house plant that does not require any direct sunlight. It is certainly low maintenance.