Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Time Gardening

Almost every gardening book you read advised you to study your gardens and plantings in the Winter time so that you can observe the structure of your plants more clearly. Certainly great advice.
Additionally, everyone who has ever held a trowel knows that now is the time to order and plan for the upcoming growing and blooming season.
Today, I will focus on the "Joy of Gardening." In fact that is the title of a program that I will be giving later today at the Dublin, Georgia Garden Club. I have fond memories of pass along plants that I have received from Gardening Friends here in Georgia, my adopted home since 1971.

The program today will focus on "Helleborus," also known as "Lenten Rose." I do not recall how I was first introduced to this lovely plant, but I was told that Deer did not eat it so I immediately obtained several plants because I was tired of the Deer even consuming the roses I was trying to grow.

Here you see a portion of the 20 plants I will share with the Garden Club in Dublin, Georgia this afternoon.

This is a view of the Lenten Rose planting in the Back Gardens where I live in West Bibb County Georgia. Lenten Roses thrive in the same type soil that Camellias appreciate. They are a shade plant but in the Winter time they perform well in full Sun. They also are very easy to maintain.

Here is a close-up of a plant that is preparing to bloom. This has been a slow Winter for the blooms to spring forth. Last Winter, I recall that I had one in Bloom on Christmas Eve 2008. You can see a few tight bloom buds in this picture.

So that you can appreciate the size of this lovely flower which will bloom through late March or even early April I have included this picture. This is the first bloom of the Winter 2009/2010 Blooming Season.

Please be advised that you can view these images in a larger format by simpling clicking on the picture. All of these pictures were taken on Tuesday Morning, January 12, 2010.

So, in addition to planning your 2010 Gardens, take some time to obtain cuttings and pot some new baby plants to share with your Friends. We all know that it is possible to obtain great satisfaction when we share the flowers and shrubs that we grow.

This, Dear Gardening Friends is part of the "Joy of Gardening." Thank You!!