Friday, April 20, 2012

Gibbs Gardens

Pine Ridge Garden Club

Field Trip

19 April 2012

Eighteen Pine Ridge Garden Club Members and Friends visited this lovely privately owned Gardens near Ball Ground, Georgia on an overcast day.  This made it possible to acquire fairly decent pictures of the entire gardens during the whole day.  Pine Ridge Garden Club is located in Macon, Georgia and we planned a one day trip for this event.  Everyone knew that it would be a long day, but as returned to Macon at about 7:00 P.M. everyone was thrilled that they participated in this inspiring Garden Club Field Trip.  This Blog Author captured 160 images and has published 32 here.  This was accomplished during a 5 and one half hour visit taking time for a lovely lunch which was available at the Gardens.  There were plenty of seating areas and I enjoyed many of them as I refreshed myself and contemplated the next camera shot.  I enjoyed my Field Trip and look forward to many return visits.  Mr. Gibbs met everyone the Thursday we visited and he assured us that he planned the entire 300 acres so that there will always be flowers and shrubs and trees in bloom or other beauty to behold twelve months a year.

A relaxing, pleasant place to visit and it was a refreshing opportunity to enjoy natural therapy in a lovely outdoor setting.  The pleasant sounds and fragrances made the Tour of these Gardens a real joy!!!

Please enjoy the photographs!!!!

Blue Star Memorial Marker
Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Porterfield Garden Club in Macon, Georgia dedicated a Marker placed at the Rutland Lodge 298 at 6460 Houston Road in South Bibb County with an indoor ceremony.  This is a picture of the Cupcakes that the attendees enjoyed.  Of course this picture was taken before the ceremony.  The event, except for the unveiling was held inside the Lodge because of Misty Rain.  

Here you see the District Director, Naomi Gerson welcoming the attendees and you can view part of the crowd in the next picture.

Here you can see a young U. S. Marine who had just returned from an overseas deployment on Thursday, April 12th unveiling the Marker.

In addition to the Marker you will note the Wreath which was also placed near the Marker.  These four young Marines represented the Armed Forces at this Dedication.

In addition to the young Marine who unveiled the marker you can view the Garden Clubs of Georgia Delegation who assisted with this Dedication.

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Timely Update

The clematis blooms are ahead of schedule this year.  Like the Dogwoods and other shrubs that abound in the Gardens here in Middle Georgia everything is about ten days ahead of schedule this year.  The Hosta and the Hydrangeas are growing well and soon I will have Hydrangea Blooms to share.  I must get my liquid fence spraying program established prior to the deer consuming the foliage of the Hosta Plants.