Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Beauty

This evening just before sun set I decided to capture some photographs of the beauty that surrounds my home here in Middle Georgia. This Camellia blossom just posed for me to take this picture. I have learned that taking pictures of flowers in the evening just before sunset allows great detail.
This pansy is in a planter near the front entrance which also includes fatsia. You can appreciate the natural side lighting present in this picture.

Of course this is my most favorite plant for this Season. The temperature was high enough today to allow the lovely fragrance of this Daphne Odera to permeate the surrounding area. They are coming into bloom later this year. I suspect that is because of the recent cooler weather when compared to last Winter. The fragrance should also improve as more flowers bloom.

This rich red Camellia also wanted to be photographed. You can view each of these images in a larger format by simpling clicking on them.

This is a view of my home. You can see the side lighting here as the sun is preparing to set. The time of the day that works well when taking photographs in the gardens.