Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Time Beauty in the Garden

Fatsia and Sweet Potato Vine make an interesting arrangement in the gun metal grey urns at both sides of the entrance. The Fatsia plants were able to survive the Winter Season in these planters.

The colorful Cordyline Plant is always interesting year round, but it certainly ads color in the Summer landscape. I have a pair of these plants that flank a metal bench in the shade garden. A restful area with a bit of color from these plants. I Winter over these plants in the garage.

The Dinner Plate Hibiscus remain in the garden year round. I have a planting that grows by the Deck and they come back every year. This is also a colorful that is enjoyed every Summer.

When taking pictures of colorful plants it is sometimes important to take a close up for the dramatic effect. I am confident that you will enjoy this view much more than the previous picture.
When taking pictures of garden plants I have found that using the flash in the early, almost dark hours of the morning allows the flower to be the feature in the picture when the background is dark.
You can click on any of these images to see a larger view. Additionally, should you desire additional information about any of these plants you can perform an internet search.
Enjoy the Summer Beauty that surrounds us all.