Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fall 2017 Driveway Plantings
7 November 2017
After viewing the Driveway for about month after the Summer Plants had passed today I determined that I must improve the Curb Appeal of the Home where we live.  I visited a locally family owned Garden Center and was determined to acquire plants that would last the Winter and be something beside mums and pansies.  After looking for a few minutes and talking to the Owner I determined that I would purchase two of the following plants, one for each planter on each side of the drive way.  A total of six plants for six planters.  I already had an adequate supply of potting soil so after spending $66.00 I had plants of a size that I thought would look good for the driveway planters.
A before view!

Another before view!

I acquired two Rosemary, two Nagoya White and two Nagoya Red plants.
They are shown here in the bed of my pickup so you an appreciate the
scale of these plants.

The "After" view.  I am confident that this planting will look great
all Winter.  Certainly much better than what the planters
looked like prior to doing this small landscape project.

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